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When I was eight I had an old lady as my teacher. At least I thought she was old. She always had long dresses with flowers on.

Once the whole class was invited to her home. It was a small apartment. She had baked cookies. I liked them and asked for the recipe. I found it some years ago among the few belongings I still have. It said “Teacher Märta´s cookies” in bad handwriting.

An accident had just changed my life and I was feeling quite emotional. I always liked her and felt it was a shame I had never told her so.

I thought she must be dead by now, but recalled where she lived back then. I looked her name up in the digital phone book here in Sweden. She still lived at the same address!

I remembered her with love in my heart and gave her a call. I told her my name, and would you believe it but she remembered me, some 30 years later. She even asked me how my two best friends from then were doing.

She was eighty years old by now. We talked for a long while.

Her remembering me just filled my heart with joy and brought tears to my eyes. She told me I had been one of her favorite pupils. Something I would have never guessed, since I could never keep my mouth shut and never remember to raise my hand in class.

Even my mother was surprised when I said I had called her. She told me that she thought that Märta did not like me.
I think subconsciously that she was the one that planted the seed of becoming a teacher in me.
Just thinking about this still brings tears to my eyes.

Märta Carlsson, I still love you

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Sometimes something that is a little bit bad can bring out something good.

A couple of 12/13-year-old-boys was teasing a girl at the school I teach. Not saying anything really bad, just teasing her, which is enough to make someone sad.

A few days later I spoke to one little boy and asked him if he knew why I wanted to talk to him. (He had just jumped on the teasing train as the last person, not really knowing what it was about).

His big eyes looked up on me like two huge question marks.

When he heard that a girl was sad and realized he had a part in it,

compassion, empathy and sadness filled the big brown eyes.

A small heart grew greater than his little body and was crying out.

With tears watering his eyes,

small almost silent words formed on his lips as he asked

“How can one make sadness go away when you have hurt someone?”

“We must find the girl so that I can apologize”

Sitting there I understood that I had just witnessed a small miracle. In that boys heart lies our future. And it can be a good one.

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Focus on the positive

Focus on the positive

“If you’re smart, you’ll stay true to your belief that you need to do what is best for your students. This may make you unpopular with your colleagues at times, and may draw raised eyebrows from the administration, but as long as you can rationalize that your students’ best interests are your main motivator, they’ll understand where you’re coming from. It may take some colleagues longer than others, but you can’t worry about them. Just worry about your students.

And speaking of colleagues, you will meet some wonderful people that make it a joy to come to work everyday. But do yourself a favor, try to steer conversations away from everything that’s “the problem with school/parents/kids today” and move it toward a place of acceptance and improvement of the situation. And if you find you can’t do this without insulting people, then just remove yourself from the conversation. You can and will still be friends with these people. Just don’t let the negativity of others – who are all well-meaning people frustrated with a frustrating job – bring you down”.

From Mr Foteah


Thank you Mr Foteah  for these wise words.

Here is a link to another positive post 🙂


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