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Old hero and heroine

I love my grandparents

my mother’s mother and father

are still alive


A few years back my grandmother who was in her 80s had a stroke. It was a severe one and she would have died had it not been for my grandfather.

As he saw the woman he had spent his whole life with

falling down

life slowly leaving her

he managed to calm down and get her to a hospital.

He saved her life.

He loves her.


She lost her ability to cook and somewhat to take care of herself. She can’t dial a phone number. She even has a hard time walking and moving around. She does not leave the house alone without help.


This year they celebrated 60 years of marriage.

They still stand closely by each other,

gently holding each other’s hands.

They still look like they just fell in love.


As we talk about how things were when they were young he always tell her how beautiful she was

and still his.

She smiles and her eyes are full of love.


My grandmother is always positive.

She never complains allthough you can clearly see she is in pain.

She is calm and wears a smile on her face.

Always kind and thoughtful.

If someone generalize or say negative things about others

she mildly but strongly let them know that it is not OK.

For that she is my heroine.


Last night my grandfather had two strokes

It was late and dark but my grandmother stood up

made her way to the door of the house

walked alone down the stairs

over the road to the neighbors’ house.

She saved her husband’s life.

My grandfather.

I love her


I love my grandparents



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Lets take this seed planted in South Africa and spread it all over the world

This is the song we all should be singing.

Lucky Dube your music lives on,


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Today I lost a very dear little friend

a bundle of joy and smiles



you would have turned five


the pink cake is

already prepared


My heart is shattered.

I have never been

as sad as today


thinking about

your big eyes

looking out the mail slot


your little voice calling my name

every time I passed by


reassembles it


I will do my best to be

as loving

and happy

as you were


Hala we miss you and we love you


Comfort (14 february)
One day has passed and Hala’s family told me about when they had to explain to her that she was leaving. First she did not want to go to heaven but stay with her family here. She asked if they have dolls in heaven and even though they do, she still did not want to go. After some time on sunday when she understood that her body could not make it much longer she said that she would go, but she also said:
I will come and visit you.
How? we asked
When you hear the birds sing outside
please open the window
it is I

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When I was eight I had an old lady as my teacher. At least I thought she was old. She always had long dresses with flowers on.

Once the whole class was invited to her home. It was a small apartment. She had baked cookies. I liked them and asked for the recipe. I found it some years ago among the few belongings I still have. It said “Teacher Märta´s cookies” in bad handwriting.

An accident had just changed my life and I was feeling quite emotional. I always liked her and felt it was a shame I had never told her so.

I thought she must be dead by now, but recalled where she lived back then. I looked her name up in the digital phone book here in Sweden. She still lived at the same address!

I remembered her with love in my heart and gave her a call. I told her my name, and would you believe it but she remembered me, some 30 years later. She even asked me how my two best friends from then were doing.

She was eighty years old by now. We talked for a long while.

Her remembering me just filled my heart with joy and brought tears to my eyes. She told me I had been one of her favorite pupils. Something I would have never guessed, since I could never keep my mouth shut and never remember to raise my hand in class.

Even my mother was surprised when I said I had called her. She told me that she thought that Märta did not like me.
I think subconsciously that she was the one that planted the seed of becoming a teacher in me.
Just thinking about this still brings tears to my eyes.

Märta Carlsson, I still love you

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You can never lose love.

Or at least I have never lost it.

It resides within my heart and comes in various forms.

Sometimes it fills it to the brim and from time to time  it lingers hidden in the core.

Never is my heart without it for always someone loves me or I someone,

even though at times it is hard at the moment of changing shapes.

9 years is the longest relationship- non-stop-love I have had.

When it changed its shape there was pain and grief,

but never was it lost!

Nine years of love is carried within me forever like the love from my grandfather was with me for 32 years until he died.

Is that love lost?

I think I am still carrying 32 years of continuous love with me until it is time for me to die.

So is it 32 years of  love or now 36?

4 years have passed since his death and I still love him even if he is not here.

And who knows if the love my grandmother feels for me will ever be lost?

For its magnitude fills more than our hearts.

It spills over and floods into and joins all LOVE;


the positive energy that flows like an invisible wind over all man- and womankind.

Unseen by some but available to all who dare to love without expecting anything in return.

Love can´t be lost:



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One heart

How much love can one heart encompass?

Sometimes it just feels like there is too much love in my heart,

it spills over and flows through my body

until it pours out from my eyes.

I do truly love many of my freinds,

probably more than they know.

Real, pure honest love.

I do truly love my little brother more than he knows

and have done so from the day my mother and father brought him home in the basket that day when I was six years old.

I truly love my parents,

who even though working hard, supporting many families,

still had the time to pick me up from soccer practice,

play marbles with me in the hallway between the kitchen and the bedroom,

sowing dolls and making me feel loved in so many ways without saying it to me.

I do love my mother´s parents; my grandparents,

the times travelling in their car listening to the Jailbird Singers,

for not getting angry at me when throwing the biggest apple I have ever seen on my grandfather´s head

, and for the incredible patience shown by my grandmother in all aspects of life.

I feel pure and limitless  love for my father´s parents; my grandparents,

for no one has loved me unconditionally as much as they have, even without saying so.

I do love so many family members, close and distant for accepting me as I am,

and I do truly love my best friend who´s name I will carry encarved in my heart

like a tree until the day it dies or is cut down.


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More love is what the world needs, although my conclusion for today is that there is far more love in the world than hatred.

Just think of the love between persons in a relationship, the love for a pet, the love of the parents for their children or for other relatives, the love you have for your best friends, that secret love you have for someone but never lets them know and so on …

Imagine the love that you feel for your special someone, I think just that love alone is greater than all the hatred in the world, so imagine how much love there is when some 4-6 billion people have a similar love!

More people probably loves you than you know. I love lots of people, some of which I hardly know. Please remember that you are one of them, or loved by someone I or maybe even you don´t know.


The essence of love practiced:



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