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There is a man in town.

He has shaved his head.

Tattoos cover his whole body;

arms and fingers,

the neck, the skull

his lips, his eyelids

his face


I saw him tonight before midnight

on my way home.


A small dog walked beside him,

ran between his legs


I went up and asked if I could pet the dog?


A tiny fragile voice




He is only 14 weeks


just before leaving

I asked the dog’s name?

His name is Bluie.




Bluie, it is  British slang for best friend

and that is what we are going to be.


the little gentle voice


As he walked away my friend


I saw him the other day and was afraid to look

I did not want him to think I stare,

to think I judge him.


Do you know how many people think I am

stupid because I am black,

because I am from Africa


I know.

You are talking to a man

with a beard down to his belt.


And little do they know

we are kind,

a  doctor in mathemathics

and I,

a teacher.

And the tattooed man

a person who will  soon be

the little dog’s

best friend




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Some time ago a good friend had been gathering clothes

Unconditionally given by people she knows


One boy


No country

No fixed home

No family


She says

please take anything you want


He picks only

one sweater

one t-shirt


She says:

Would you not like one shirt?


I already have three shirts, thank you

Maybe someone else need them



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Lets take this seed planted in South Africa and spread it all over the world

This is the song we all should be singing.

Lucky Dube your music lives on,


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“Nipa ye nipa” = “A human being is a human being”

The writing on this wall in Nsoatre, Ghana; in all its simplicity it means more than something I have ever read before.

Please read the post of a young person and very new blogger  who jolted the memory of  this photo and you will see the truth of the message expressed in a remarkable way far away from Ghana.

“we must have spectacles

through which we can see beyond

the prostitutes … ” 

(click and read the full spectacles post here)

Written by a very wise girl named Rida.  My guess is in Pakistan because of two clues: the language Urdu and the money rupee

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