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Why do you seem so content when you have constant pain?

my friend asked.


I think I have no goal in life but to notice the small pieces of happiness and try to do good.

Maybe happiness is not to be reached.

Maybe it is just there for all to see who are not in a hurry to reach there.

Small pieces of positivity

in the midst of pain or daily life,

small moments of joy

if noticed,

will make me think before I die

I lived a happy life


For me happiness is:


Knowing that a special person knows she has inspired me to do better

Giving a homeless friend a place to sleep, an occasional visit to the cinema or sharing a meal

Hearing my father say to a woman that left me three years ago -I love you my child.

An invite to eat or sleep in an unknown’s home when travelling

A kind smile or look from a passerby

Listening to old people’s stories

Seeing a young person get up for an elderly person to sit down

The smell of rain on dry asphalt


To give love

Knowing that I don’t need things I see many others have


Bringing a Thai meal for my 80-year-old grandmother and grandfather to tickle their taste buds in their otherwise bland non-spicy diet

Knowing that one of my friends sends haphazardous text messages with hugs to another troubled friend

Thinking about the bread my grandmother baked

Sitting in the place where my late grandfather and I reasoned for hours










knowing that my heart, soul and mind is who I am,

not my body,

nor what I can or can’t do.




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http://orderedchaos2000.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/yearofthedragon/ (A new favorite on rain)

Some photos of incoming storms made a memory from childhood come alive:

It is raining

large raindrops tapping the tin roof

It is summer

not too cold

I borrow my father’s umbrella

almost as big as I

My mother says

-put something warm on

I take my scarf and my t-shirt

and barefoot

I disappear into the world of rain

crouching for hours

listening to the raindrops

telling their story

on the black umbrella

while the water

makes my feet

colder and colder.

I am happy

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You can never lose love.

Or at least I have never lost it.

It resides within my heart and comes in various forms.

Sometimes it fills it to the brim and from time to time  it lingers hidden in the core.

Never is my heart without it for always someone loves me or I someone,

even though at times it is hard at the moment of changing shapes.

9 years is the longest relationship- non-stop-love I have had.

When it changed its shape there was pain and grief,

but never was it lost!

Nine years of love is carried within me forever like the love from my grandfather was with me for 32 years until he died.

Is that love lost?

I think I am still carrying 32 years of continuous love with me until it is time for me to die.

So is it 32 years of  love or now 36?

4 years have passed since his death and I still love him even if he is not here.

And who knows if the love my grandmother feels for me will ever be lost?

For its magnitude fills more than our hearts.

It spills over and floods into and joins all LOVE;


the positive energy that flows like an invisible wind over all man- and womankind.

Unseen by some but available to all who dare to love without expecting anything in return.

Love can´t be lost:



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Sometimes something that is a little bit bad can bring out something good.

A couple of 12/13-year-old-boys was teasing a girl at the school I teach. Not saying anything really bad, just teasing her, which is enough to make someone sad.

A few days later I spoke to one little boy and asked him if he knew why I wanted to talk to him. (He had just jumped on the teasing train as the last person, not really knowing what it was about).

His big eyes looked up on me like two huge question marks.

When he heard that a girl was sad and realized he had a part in it,

compassion, empathy and sadness filled the big brown eyes.

A small heart grew greater than his little body and was crying out.

With tears watering his eyes,

small almost silent words formed on his lips as he asked

“How can one make sadness go away when you have hurt someone?”

“We must find the girl so that I can apologize”

Sitting there I understood that I had just witnessed a small miracle. In that boys heart lies our future. And it can be a good one.

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Helping an old lady lift up her shopping basket the other day took less than a few seconds.

Many little things can add to the positive energy on earth. Just a smile from someone on the street can brighten up my day and get my heart going. It is so easy.

In my town, Uppsala,  we have a bus driver that really greets YOU when you step onto the bus. You feel recognized and seen. It is just bubbling kindness pouring out from his smile.

Almost every time the bus stops and someone gets off  he uses the speaker system to wish them a fabulous day. That small but great act  just happened to save a life one day. A troubled soul stepped onto his bus with the unfortunate but firm plan to end his life after reaching the end destination. Just being noticed and feeling the warmth of Amos Makajula as he stepped on the bus made him change his mind.

You might not be able to change the world, but maybe you can change one person´s world.

As a teacher you try to see the unseen child. There is at least one in every school. I know from experience as I was once a transparent pupil myself.  Just hearing a gentle hello may be enough to come out of invisibility.

Maybe you could ask the person always sitting alone at lunch if it is OK to sit down at her/his table. Stop for a second and talk a little with a person living on the street or sit down with an old person and really listen to what they have to say. It may be nothing important to you but it might mean the world to them.

How much time does kindness take?

One small act may be enough to change someone´s reality. Keep it easy and wear a smile when you can.

It sure brightens up my day 🙂

Perfect love!

Photo taken from http://lotidningen.se/2009/05/27/sveriges-trevligaste-busschauffor/

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or “A single act of kindness by everyone would translate into a billion acts of kindness which sets into motion a positive chain reaction, …” read more here:


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The sound of rain

In the middle of a sleepless night.

One little drop, one sound, one silence

another drop, and another

and many more

the sleepless silence slowly dissapears

with the gentle drumming of tiny raindrops

soothing my consciousness into slumber

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