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Some time ago a good friend had been gathering clothes

Unconditionally given by people she knows


One boy


No country

No fixed home

No family


She says

please take anything you want


He picks only

one sweater

one t-shirt


She says:

Would you not like one shirt?


I already have three shirts, thank you

Maybe someone else need them



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http://orderedchaos2000.wordpress.com/2012/01/25/yearofthedragon/ (A new favorite on rain)

Some photos of incoming storms made a memory from childhood come alive:

It is raining

large raindrops tapping the tin roof

It is summer

not too cold

I borrow my father’s umbrella

almost as big as I

My mother says

-put something warm on

I take my scarf and my t-shirt

and barefoot

I disappear into the world of rain

crouching for hours

listening to the raindrops

telling their story

on the black umbrella

while the water

makes my feet

colder and colder.

I am happy

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