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I cried for the first time in a long while.

Not only out of sorrow.

My tears went rolling down my cheeks as I realized how many people out there are doing good and how many people actually let their hearts guide them.


I love you

I love you for seeing the person and not the illness

I love you for seeing the individual and not the disability

I love you for talking to the person carried by the wheel chair and not to the person pushing it

I love you for doing good for others

I love you for not being afraid to still visit your neighbor, friend or workmate when they or someone in their family is struggeling.

I love you for being there when you are not sure what to do.



In Sweden, the apartment buildings most of the time has a slot in the door for the mailman to deliver the mail. It is about an inch wide 3 feet above ground and just wide enough to put your fingers through it after opening the lid.

I lived in a place where my neighbor was the sweetest father I have ever seen. Always outside playing with his little daughter for hours at a time, the youngest of four children. Her birthday is on February 14, easy to remember because of Valentine’s day. Such an adorable child, full of energy, curly locks and big brown eyes.

As soon as she started walking she used to stand on the balcony of the first floor greeting people going in and out of the building, always putting a smile on my face.

One day,

as I was walking up the stairs inside the building,

I heard my name echo in a fragile voice.

I turned around and saw no one.

I kept walking and there it was again:


david … david … david


I walked back down a couple of steps and through the slot three feet up  in the door of the first floor I saw the most adorable pair of eyes looking at me.


Today Hala is 4 almost 5.

She is a fighter, and a bundle of Palestinian-Swedish joy.

Hala has been and still is fighting a vicious cancer for several years. Her family’s weapon in this fight is never ending love. Something they will need as the struggle continues.


Today I read Donna’s story

Chris led me to it.

That is why I cried.

Today 3 out of 4 kids in Sweden survive cancer. My best friend did too, even though the odds in the 80s were not good. Please help improving those odds.

In Sweden: http://barncancerfonden.se/

In the US: http://www.childrenscancer.org/main/ways_to_donate/

or help Chris and Donna’s Good Things here

Love can take us far but money will do too. Many small drops makes a river in the end.

Stay strong warriors of love!

To Remind me

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One heart

How much love can one heart encompass?

Sometimes it just feels like there is too much love in my heart,

it spills over and flows through my body

until it pours out from my eyes.

I do truly love many of my freinds,

probably more than they know.

Real, pure honest love.

I do truly love my little brother more than he knows

and have done so from the day my mother and father brought him home in the basket that day when I was six years old.

I truly love my parents,

who even though working hard, supporting many families,

still had the time to pick me up from soccer practice,

play marbles with me in the hallway between the kitchen and the bedroom,

sowing dolls and making me feel loved in so many ways without saying it to me.

I do love my mother´s parents; my grandparents,

the times travelling in their car listening to the Jailbird Singers,

for not getting angry at me when throwing the biggest apple I have ever seen on my grandfather´s head

, and for the incredible patience shown by my grandmother in all aspects of life.

I feel pure and limitless  love for my father´s parents; my grandparents,

for no one has loved me unconditionally as much as they have, even without saying so.

I do love so many family members, close and distant for accepting me as I am,

and I do truly love my best friend who´s name I will carry encarved in my heart

like a tree until the day it dies or is cut down.


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