People are the same everywhere; there are good and bad people in Uzbekistan, Sweden or Colombia. Circumstances may vary which is true even within a single country, city or neighborhood! 😉

During my travels (always on a tight budget) around the world mostly in the last century, I have found that there are more things that unite people than there are things that differ:

In all places of the world, people love, eat, sleep, drink, laugh and cry. We express and feel joy, sadness, loss, fear, grief,  happiness, worry and a range of other emotions. but we all do that no matter where we are from.

Material and infrastructural circumstances may be different but people are more or less the same everywhere.  Or should I say; we are all equally different.


My philosophy:

I try to live my life respecting people, animals and nature. That is why I grew my dreadlocks last century and still have them. They are a sign of commitment to the natural beauty of all living beings.


I see beauty in almost everything and since it is in the eye of the beholder you might see it differently. Even though you might not experience my photos the way I intended to, I hope you will reflect on what you see and ask yourself if it is the only way of seeing it?

Please look at the post from Egypt and see what you think, or think about what you see!

Unfortunately I know little to nothing about photography but my objective is not precision and flawlessness. I would only like to share moments of life from places you might or might not otherwise see.

Any photography tips are always welcome though 🙂

Most photos can be seen in a larger version by just clicking them.

Welcome and perfect love!

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