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Some times things are not the way they seem

and yet we are sure they are.


As a young man, or not yet a man but a boy,

I sat on the railing of a very high bridge.

my feet dangling

my eyes looking down the gorge.


The place I lived in seemed to be the entire world

and at the moment it was not a happy one.


The war hadn’t even begun for years to come

yet  inside me it was already there.


I thought about leaning forward and letting go.

Letting go of the thoughts that haunted me.

Letting go of my reality painfully pounding me.

And also,

letting go of life.


Looking back,

I don’t see why

I just did not take one step.

One step

out of my reality

to see that there is more to things than they seem.


Or that even though they are

the way they seem,

one step away,

one small step away,

another reality,

another adventure

is waiting.




I did not let go,

I just sat there

for hours

staring at the black river

making its way forward.




I left

with no money in my pocket

and a broken heart in my chest

to find goodness

in places and strangers I did not know.


I also found,





and things

I wish I did not see,



will I stop

flowing forward

from reality to reality


For what would life have been worth

had I let go of the railing

not having felt


unselfish kindness




tiny moments of inner peace.





“If you are not living good,

I beg you, travel wide.

Said I am a living man

I’ve got work to do…”

Bob Marley – Soul Rebel

Mentally or physically, please step out of your reality and into another.

When you feel you can do nothing for yourself, do something for others.

Please do good.

You might find things weren’t the way they seemed.



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In my life I have indeed met some truly good people.

I come to think of it today since

I might have left a truly good woman

giving unconditional love.


Sometimes I feel there is something wrong with the world,

but hen I remember:


If we see good we don’t think that all is good.

When we see one thing or person being bad,

we generalize and many think that all persons or situations similar must be equally bad.


So why should not the opposite also be true?

You see one thing good = more things are good!

If it is, the world is not half as bad as I thought.

There is at least as much good as there is bad.

In fact the people that do good (uncoditionally) are many times not seen,

but they are there, among us everywhere.

Many of them are not older than they can show with their fingers.


I am talking about unconditional good

without any expectation of getting anything back at all:


leaving nice and comforting notes in a book at the library for a mother to be,

so called guerrilla goodness.

Or letting a refugee live in your house until ready to move on.

Or the unselfish goodness that happens when you most need it:


Some 18 years ago (before mobile phones and digital cameras)

I left my home in a hurry. Brokenhearted I spent my last money and flew to the other side of the world.

In the south of Mexico I chopped and cleared jungle for roads to pass,

people gave me food that was left over when restaurants closed,

poor families sharing what little food they had on trains that traveled so slow it took days to get where you were going.

Those were unselfish acts as well as the five Mariachis escorting me from parts of Mexico City in which I would not have lasted long.

Or the veterinarian taking me into his home, treating my typhoid fever for weeks without asking for nothing in return.


But above all

the little Zapotec boy

with torn clothes,

not a half man tall,

that just before nightfall

high up in the Oaxaca mountains

spent all his money

to pay the bus

for a skinny bearded long-haired-giant

a stranger

whom he had never met before

also giving me half his bread to eat

even though I did not understand a word of Chatino.



That is unconditional good


I have not forgotten you little hero



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“Nipa ye nipa” = “A human being is a human being”

The writing on this wall in Nsoatre, Ghana; in all its simplicity it means more than something I have ever read before.

Please read the post of a young person and very new blogger  who jolted the memory of  this photo and you will see the truth of the message expressed in a remarkable way far away from Ghana.

“we must have spectacles

through which we can see beyond

the prostitutes … ” 

(click and read the full spectacles post here)

Written by a very wise girl named Rida.  My guess is in Pakistan because of two clues: the language Urdu and the money rupee

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… and life is music. It is side by side of  love the most important thing in my life. I often sit and actively listen to music, not just having it on in the background. I reflect upon the lyrics, I cry, I smile, I jump up and down, I dance or I just relax and let the music take me places I never thought I would experience. I don´t drink or take any kind of drugs, nor do I have a TV, instead I get high on music, sometimes falling into trance-like states of mind. Even though I understand seven languages I enjoy music sung in languages I do not understand. Music in itself is a language, speaking not only to your mind but also most definitely to your heart, and it transcends all boundaries and borders. Music is freedom and in someway music and love is the same.

I remember almost everything I have listened to in my life. Every song brings out memories of significant and unsignificant moments in my life both in urban Sweden, living or passing through other countries, and  in the mountains of Bosnia where I spent the summers shepherding with my grandparents from the age of five.

I got my first music cassette when I was three years old at the end of the seventies : James och Karin – Barnlåtar (which in Swedish means Children´s songs). I would describe it as psychadelic progressevie children´s singer/songwriter rock/pop. Now as an adult I wonder what stuff they must have taken to write this kind of music? There were songs about flying dogs biting children in the legs and swallowing the legs whole ; songs sung by a letter without a stamp that was lost; songs about animals demonstrating against roads being built through their forest, , songs sung by a toothbrush and so on …

When I was four my hippie mother came home from Morocco with a piece of music that would change my life and follow me through the next 30 years. It was the album Uprising by Bob Marley & The Wailers. Since then I have never stopped listening to Reggae. Whatever kind of music I have listened to through the years Reggae music has followed me patiently side by side with rock, pop, punk,  heavy metal, blues, hip-hop, rap, drum n´ base, ska, salsa, reggaeton, bachata, dub, dubstep, zouglou, mbalax,  so called world music and some stuff I really wouldn´t know how to categorize.

Lately I have been virtually travelling to most of the 55 countries of Africa by help of the music program Spotify. That program revolutionized my life as I all of a sudden have access to billions of songs from all over the world legally. You listen to one artist and the program suggests simliar artists to you. In that way I started in Gambia in western Africa and Zimbawe in eastern Africa with artists such as Youss N´Dour and Thomas Mapfumo and three months later I had several hundreds of songs from all over the continent that I really like. You just pick the best from each artist and put them in playlists available to you anywhere in the world where you have internet access. Before Spotify I had to go through strange music shops looking for Reggae that I never found or just finding one or two artists from outside of the so called western world.

I´ll try to post when I find songs or music albums that moves me or from time to time write about great music that I have already stumbled upon.  Also, whenever I hear a thoughtful piece of lyrics I will share it with you in a short post.

As a start without introducing all musicians/groups at this time I´ll list some favorite musicians/bands. Instead of genre I will begin with a list from country to country in almost alphabetical order.

The following is a list of favorite artist/group and one or two of their songs that I can think of at the moment (I´ll add more later) :

http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF9F44191DA5A49FB  Please click if you would like to hear some of the songs below.

Songs/Artists in green are also clickable and will take you to that spesific song on youtube 🙂

If you have any suggestions for more music, please let me know 🙂

I’ll add new favorites at the bottom 🙂

Algeria Idir Exil (Da Rib) Reggae/Other
Algeria/ France Gnawa Diffusion Révolution, Gnawa, Reggae
Algeria/Switzerland Sarazino Ecos de Radio Iguana Reggae/Saharan…
Argentine  Los Enanitos Verdes Eterna Soledad Alternative Rock
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs Yo Quiero morirme Acá Ska/Reggae
Soda Estereo La ciudad de la furia Rock/ Alternative
Australia  AC/DC Back In Black Heavy Metal
  Xavier Rudd Come Let Go Alternative
Austria Iriepathie One World Reggae
Mzuri Sana Definição Rap / Hip-Hop
Tribalistas Velha Infancia Alternative
Tribo De Jah Apartheid Social Reggae
Burkina Faso Victor Démé Sina, Djôn´maya Blues/ Traditional
Cabo Verde  Cesária Évora Riberonzinha
  Maria de Barros Petit Pays
Cameroon Richard Bona Dipita Jazz
Canada Neil Young Like A Hurricane Rock
Chile Gondwana Aire de Jah Reggae
Commonwealth of Dominica Nasio Fontaine Living In The Positive Reggae
Costa Rica / Mexico Chavela Vargas La Llorona Traditional, Rancheras
Côte d’Ivoire(Ivory Coast) Alpha Blondy Peace in Liberia, Ikafô, Jerusalem Reggae
Beta Simon Malian Way Reggae
  Magic system Ki Dit Mié, Premier Gaou Zouglou
Tiken Jah Fakoly Africa, Ayebada Reggae
Côte d’Ivoire/ France Dobet Gnahore Djiguene
Cuba Afro-Cuban Allstars Pío Mentiroso, Habane Del Este, Amor Verdadero Guaracha, Guajira Son, Mozambique,
Eliades Ochoa Ay Papacito, Chan Chan Son, Bolero
Orishas Mujer, El Kilo Hip Hop/ Mix with  other Cuban styles
Democratic Republic of Congo Pitcho On Va Célébrer Hip-Hop
Congo Franco Kinsiona ?
Dominican Republic  El Chaval Donde Están Esos Amigos Bachata
Frank Reyes Princesa
Zacarias Ferreira La Avispa
England (GB) Alpha & Omega Rastafari Heavy Dub
The Animals The House Of The Rising Sun Classic Rock
Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) Fortress Europe Rap / Ragga-jungle / Indo-dub
Aswad I A Rebel Soul, Concrete Slaveship Reggae
(Cat Stevens)Yusuf Islam Wild World Rock / pop
Deep Purple Solider Of Fortune, Hush Hard rock
Dire Straits Romeo And Juliet,
Iron Maiden Hallowed Be Thy Name, Children Of The Damned Heavy metal
Judas Priest Dying To Meet You Heavy metal
Steel Pulse Ku Klux Klan Reggae
Uriah Heep The Wizard, Lady In Black Progressive rock
England / India Talvin Singh ਤਲਵੀਨ ਸਿੰਘ ਮਠਾਰੂ Jaan, Sutrix Drum ´N´Bass
Eritrea Asmara All Stars Fhemsela, Haki Dub/Jazz / Local/ Reggae
Ethiopia Dub Colossus Azmari Dub Dub/Mix of different styles
France Daddy Mory Seigneurs de Guerre Reggae
  Sergent Garcia Poetas,Amor Pa´Mi, Los Desaparecidos Salsamuffin
France/Burkina Faso Yapa M´Mory, Kelemani
France/Spain Mano Negra Mala Vida Punk, All styles
Mano Chao Me Laman Calle, Clandestino All styles
“Garifuna” / Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras Andy Palacio Baba  (Father), àmuñegu (In Times To Come) Garifuna
Gambia Rebellion The Recaller Take It Easy, Why No Food Hip-Hop/ Reggae
Ghana Reggie Rockstone Accra Allstars Hip-Hop
Guyane Energy Crew Change Your Mind Reggae
Jah Soldiers Oussama the Most Wanted Man
Natural Black Be Careful Of Your Enemies
India Alphonse Aaromale Film music
  Rakesh Chaurasia Gujarat Bhajan  
Ireland Rory Gallagher Bad Penny, Philby Blues / Rock
Thin Lizzy Dancing In The Moonlight Rock
Jamaica The Abyssinians Satta Massa Gana Reggae -from -roots -to -dancehall
Anthony B How do you feel, -Woman Of My Dreams, Striving
Ajamu Mystery Babylon
Black Roots War, Juvenile Delinquent
Bob Marley& The wailers So much trouble in the world, One love, Redemption Song
Bugle Journeys
Bunny Wailer Who Feels It
Burning Spear No more war, Cultivation
The Congos Fisherman
Culture Too long in slavery, I´m not ashamed
Delroy Washington Wake Up Jamaica
Don Carlos Love Jah
Duane Stephenson August town
Earl Sixteen Babylon Walls
The Gladiators Dreadlocks The Time Is Now
Gregory Isaacs Mr. Cop
The Heptones Mama say, Cool rasta, Revolution
Horace Andy Love Love Love
Hugh Mundell Greaat Tribulation
Ijahman Levi Jah Heavy Load
Israel Vibration The Same Song, Why Worry
The Itals Me Waan Justice
Jacob Miller Roman Soliders of Babylon
Jah Mason No matter the time,Love Is The Answer
Jimmy Cliff Lonely Streets
John Holt Strange Things
Jhonny Clarke Ites Green and Gold
Junior Byles Fade Away
Junior Kelly Rasta Should Be Deeper
Keith Hudson Rasta Took The Blame
Ken BootheLittle Roy Freedom Time (aka Freedom Day), Is It Because I´m Black
Lee “Scratch”  Perry Babylon Falling Version
Linval Thompson River Jordan
Lutan Fyah What A Woe, Stress Free, Our World
Morgan Heritge Live To The Fullest
Perfect Rasta Rebel
Peter Tosh I Am That I Am
Pressure Modern Pharao, Be What You Want To Be
Queen Ifrica Far Away
Richie Spice The World Is A Cycle, Take It Easy, Brown Skin
Sojah Wake Up
Sylford Walker Burn Babylon
T.O.K Guardian Angel
Tanya Stephens These Streets
Tarrus Riley Let Peace Reign
Third World 96 ° In The Shade
Tony Rebel Jah Is By My Side
The Twinkle Brothers Babylon Falling
YT Mr. Politician
Kenya Stan Nganga Wageci Soul
Mali Afel Bocoum Alasidi ? Blues
Ali Farka Touré Tulumba Blues
Habib Koité Saramaya, Kumbin :- )
Kiakeya Project, Various Artists Red Ladies Tent Jam Electronic / Tamashek
”Viux” Farka Touré Slow Jam Blues
Mexico       Maná Selva negra, Mis ojos Rock
 Caifanes Nubes Rock/Alternative
Los De Abajo Mateme Amor, El Loco Ska/Traditional/Rap… mix
Mexico/USA     Santana Black Magic Woman Rock/Alt.
Nepal Sur-Sudha Rajamati
Nigeria/UK Ben Okafor Raise your Conscience Reaggae
Nigeria Majek Fashek African Unity Reggae
Northern Ireland Van Morrison Days Like This Rock
Pakistan Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Mustt Mustt (- Lost In His Work Remix) Quawwali, Ghazal
Pakistan / UK State of Bengal Flight IC408 Drum´N´Bass, Dub, Electronica …
Puerto Rico Calle 13 No Hay Nadie Como Tú, La Perla Reggaeton y más
Don Omar Pobre Diabla, Bandoleros Reguetón
Ismael Rivera Traigo Salsa, El Nazareno Salsa
Tego Calderon Quiéreme Como Soy Reguetón
(Julio) Voltio El Mellao Reguetón
São Tomé e Príncipe Izék Costa Mácu Reggae/ zouk
Senegal Abass Abass Africa Child Hip-Hop
Awadi Sunugal, Zamouna Hip-Hop
Carlou D Sen Regal :- ) His own style, Mbalax
Cheickh Lo Set, Sant Maam,N´galula, N´Jariñu Garab Mix of mbalax, jazz, salsa, …
Daara J Esperanza Rap/ Hip-Hop
Ismael Lo Manko, Tadjabone, Talibe Mbalax and more
Omar Pene Woma, Fari, Mbalax and other
Orchestra Baobab Hommage Á Tonton Ferrer, Aduna Jaruul Naawo Specialists in all styles
Pape & Cheikh Mariama, Yaay ?
Positive Black Soul Taara Hip-Hop
Sister Fa Milyamba Empowering Hip-Hop
Youss N´Dour Birima All styles
Senegal (south part) Daby Balde Waino Blues Blues
Toure Kunda Sama Dio :- )
Senegal/France Diogal Sore ?
Serbia Hornsman Coyote Hornsman Cry Reggae
Kanda, Kodža i Nebojša Stastopojo Alternative, Reggae
Sierra Leone   Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars Global Threat, Living Stone Reggae and other
Somalia/USA K´naan Take A Minute Hip-Hop Positive
South Africa Proverb Stop Think, Say Something Hip –Hop/Rap
Hugh Masakela Vasco Da Gama Jazz/ funk / soul
South Sudan Emmanuel  Jal Warchild, Emma Hip-Hop Spoken Word
Spain     Amparanoia En La Noche, En La Ciudad All styles
Bebe Malo, Ella Rock/Pop
Los Delinquentes El Aire De La Calle Flamenco nuevo
Macaco Con La Mano Levantá Flamenco nuevo
Mala Rodríguez La Niña, Jugadoras-Jugadores Hip Hop
Morodo Mas Yama Reggae
Skalariak Guantanamo Ska
Sweden Chords Knocking On my Door Hip-Hop
Helt Off Babylonsjukan, Säg som det E, Det Brinner I Paris Reggae
Kapten Röd Trasig, Blommor Vid Oscarsleden, Ta Inga Order, Ju Mer Dom Spottar Conscious Reggae
Kultiration Babylon Faller, Ur Jord, Propaganda, Sparkar & Slag Reggae / traditional
Labyrint Kärleken Hip-Hop
Looptroop Long Arm Of The Law Hip-Hop
Looptroop Rockers Joseph, Fort Europa Hip-Hop
Peps Persson Copenhagen Blues, Hög standard Blues / Reggae
Promoe Long Distance Runner, Songs Of Joy, Lullabies to Myself, Dog Day Afternoon Hip-Hop /Rap
Skaburbian Collective Stressa Av Reggae
Svenska Akademien Cttrl+Alt+Del Hip-Hop / reggae
Timbuktu Jag Drar, Dynamit Det löser sig Hip-Hop / reggae
Sweden / Holland Cornelis Wreswijk Lasse Liten Blues Singer songwriter
Sweden / South Africa Zoro Jabulani, Azania Reggae + ?
Tanzania / Congo Ndala Kasheba Refugees Session 2 Sokous and other
Uganda Geoffrey Oryema Makambo ?
Madoxx Fed Up, Ngolabye Reggae
USA Alice In Chaines Rotten Apple Grunge
Alex Theory Voodoo Dub Electronic chill
BB King Ghetto Woman, Help The Poor Blues
Ben Harper Excuse Me Mr. Singer songwriter
Blind Melon Change, No Rain Alternative
Blue Oyster Cult Don´t fear The Reaper Rock
Bob Dylan All Along The Watchtower Singer songwriter
Chicago 25 Or 6 To 4 Rock
Cunninlynguists Georgia, Close Your Eyes, Valley of Death Conscious Hip-Hop
Groundation Music is the most high Reggae
Guns N´Roses Sweet Child O Mine, Civil War Hard rock
Jimi Hendrix Voodoo Chile Blues Blues rock
Mr. SOS Die For You Hip-Hop / Progressive
Lou Reed Dirty Blvd. Rock
The Outlaws (Ghost) Riders In The Sky Southern rock
Pearl Jam Indifference Grunge
Smif N´Wessun Wrecktime Hip-Hop
Soliders of Jah Army   (SOJA) Rasta Courage, True Love, Mother Earth Reggae
USA/Dominican Republic Aventura El Malo, Un Beso, Obsesión Bachata
USA/ Romano/Russia / Spain / Latvia / Israel / Ukraine / China / Italy / Sweden / Trinidad and Tobago / Ecuador /Ethiopia  Gogol Bordello Immigraniada ( We Comin´ Rougher) , Alcohol Punk world Romano ?
USA/ South Africa Young Nations Get It Good Got It Good Rap / Hip-Hop
Yugoslavia Azra Balkan Rock
Bijelo Dugme Lipe Cvatu Progressive  rock
  Електрични оргазам   (Električni Orgazam) Igra Rok’ En’ Rol cela Jugoslavija, Zlatni Papagaj Rock/Punk
  Ekatarina Velika (EKV) Sinhro, Oči boje meda Rock/Alternative
  Шарло Акробата Ona Se Budi Punk/Rock
  Smak Ljudi Nije Fer 70´s rock
(Zaire)/Tanzania Remmy Ongala I Want To Go Home, One World Soukous, Ubongo…
(Zaire) D.R. of Congo Lokua Kanza Nakozonga
Zimbabwe Thomas Mapfumo Juanita, Kuvarira Mukati/ Suffer in Silence Chimurenga
Oliver ”Tuku” Mtukudzi Neria, Ndima Ndapedza ”Tuku Music”
Winky D Say No Reggae/ Dancehall
USA / Senegal / Mali / Ivory Coast Africando Mandali Salsa
Virgin Islands (St. Croix) Midnite Pagan, Pay Gone Reggae


If you want to listen to some of the music on the list just click the link above to my playlist on youtube.

Perfect love!

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!”

Bob Marley

New favorites:

Ghana – Chizzy Wailer – Change the Constitution

Turkey –    – Dinle

Pakistan – Ali Zafar – Nahi Re Nahi, Jee Dhoondta Hai


Puerto Rico – Calle 13 – Latinoamérica (click here and you come to a plece where I translated the lyrics and you can listen to it as well)

Old favorites I had forgotten 🙂

I can’t believe I left out John Lennon – Working class hero 

Nigeria – Fela Kuti – Water No Get Enemy (Thanks for reminding me @friquan):


South Africa – Lucky Dube – Together as one

The World – Manu Chau – Clancestino, Me llaman calle

Venezuela – Oscar de Leon – llorarás

USA – Nina Simone – Baltimore

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