Egypt, Cairo 8 Years Before Revolution

What the news show you are screaming angry people of Cairo. Well there is a normal side of life too. As in any big city you have a spectra of modern and old, rich and poor. There are always two sides of a coin. Bias and expectations clog up your mind. Don’t let your bias and the news media fool you!

Any surprices? Similarities to where you live?

Did you see:

An Independent old lady with drivers license. How many of those do you have in the US?

Ooo angry Arabs, or wait, no, smiling nice people! Hmm?

A gentleman opening the door for a woman?

Street vendors. A form of businessmen?

Someone trying to talk his way out of a ticket/fine?

An old lady smoking! But aren’t they all suppressed, subdued? Hmm?

A loving father with his daughter on his shoulders? So they love their children?

Smiling children?

Two well dressed kids in a shopping mall?


Did you just see a Palestinian scarf and a man with a beard???????