A walk from behind Abebe Bikila Stadium towards Piazza – Addis Abeba, Ethiopia

Welcome to north west part of town. Addis Ababa has stolen my heart. It is a safe city without guns or knife stickups. Pickpockets are skilled and leave you with your pockets empty but your soul intact. People go about their business as usual but are keen to help if you need it. On this day, 7th of January,  streets were almost empty because of Ethiopian Christmas.

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The day before Christmas

January 6.  Streets were busy and everyone was getting ready for Leddet (Christmas or literally birthday).

The price of a whole sheep before Christmas has tripled in only three years and now cost as much as a teacher’s salary.

January 7. Christmas day

Behind Abebe Bikila Stadium

 It is common for men/boys in Ethiopia to hold hands as a sign of friendship.

Walking towards Medhane Alem High School 

Swaziland St

Getting on a minibus towards Piazza for a few pennies

Arbeynoch Street

Kidus Yohanis Church

Mali Street

Well you got the names, now see for yourself at http://mapsof.net/addis-ababa

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